Saturday, July 2, 2016

MJM Bowling trip 2016

MJM  Foundation Bowling Trip 

The kids really enjoyed their summer field trip going bowling. They worked hard all year to make the grades in school. So, we are giving them an enjoyable summer by taking them to different recreational places all summer. Help contribute to our 501 (c) non profit program by going: 

Learn what we do!

In 2013, the Mary-Janel-Maggie (MJM) Foundation, Inc, a non profit organization was established by Ms. Charlene Harris, Ms. Joan Williams and Mr. Spencer V. Clark. They realized youth development enrichment activities, child care services for low income families and empowering families were missing in their community. We know that assisting young people has a greater effect when the entire family embraced the mentoring relationship the "Focus on Families" concept is how we succeed. 

The Foundation provides Pre-K services and after-school enrichment mentoring services that empowers families to address the need for educational achievement, life and social skills. These services are provided through outlets and information that will arm youth and families with the knowledge to bring about real changes in their lives and in their communities with the assistance of staff and volunteers mentors.


To provide a safe community support system for youth, to assist and encourage them to succeed in school and become better prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood.

To provide support to families in need of guidance in basic living skills and child care services to help them become or remain self-sufficient.

To assist in building stronger relationships between schools, families and communities to ensure that services are consistent with the need of participant.


To implement youth development mentoring enrichment projects, to provide a safe haven for toddlers and to provide healthy community outreach services in Liberty County, GA

We are a non-profit organization. If you wish to donate to this organization. Feel free to give us a call. All donations are tax deductible. 

MJM Foundation Inc. 501(c)
487 Limerick Rd, 
Midway, Georgia 31320
(912) 269-4275